Corporate Overview

Fuji Technology Sdn Bhd was founded in 8 April 1998. We are the sole distributor of Fuji Electric brand of air conditioner with wide variety of innovative and highly reliable air conditioner. Since the establishment back in 1998, the company has go through rapid growth and development from our effort to keep Malaysian cool at home, office and commercial area. The accomplishment today on our growth is also driven by many of our strong business partners in Malaysia.

Our principle, FGL is establish back in 1936 in Kawasaki Japan, and has grown into thriving global network. An essential part of this network is its South East Asia division which is manage by FGL (Asia), based in Singapore. FGL has been in developing air conditioning system for almost four decade since producing the first window air conditioning unit in 1963.

Fuji Technology will continue to provide you with the state-of-art innovation air conditioner and constantly expanding the range of air conditioner in order to meet your needs. We are always here to understand our customer's demands for reliable and cost effective air conditioners.



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