Safety and Maintenance Tips

Safety Tips

Do not block the air intake and outlet vents.
This may cause a drop in performance and irregular operations. Do not insert sticks or other objects into these vents as it is dangerous to touch the electric components and the fan.
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Do not use the heating appliances/equipment in the vicinity.
The airconditioner's plastic parts may deform if exposed to excessive heat.
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Do not use the airconditioner for other purposes than cooling the room.
Do not use the airconditioner for other purposes such as drying clothes, preserving foods, keeping animals or cultivating vegetables.
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Select the most appropriate temperature.
To adjust the temperature to suit the conditions. Rooms occupied by young infants and elderly should be kept at an appropriate temperature.
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Avoid exposing the body directly to a continuous air-flow for long periods.
This is recommended for health reasons.
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Do not pull the power cord.
Damage to the cord may result in serious electrical shocks
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Maintenance Tip
  1. If you operate air conditioner everyday, the air filter should be wash once every two weeks and engaged a qualified technician to service your air conditioner(s) at least once every 3 months for residentiol and every month for commercial air conditioner.

  2. if the air conditioner(s) is /are complete with an air-purifying option, the filters should be replaceed every 3 months. The Purifling filter can be purchased at our service centre.

  3. Please ensure that there is adeduate ventilation at the outdoor unit. Do not place any object that may block the ventilation. Otherwise, it may cause higher electrical consumption, reduction in cooling capacity or failure of compressor.

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